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Why Georgia is the Best Place to Live

Why Georgia is the Best Place to Live

Why should you consider living in Georgia? With a population of approximately 10.2 million people as of the 2015 United States Census estimates, Georgia is the last of the original 13 colonies. Known as the Peach State, Georgia isn’t just a good place to live – it is perhaps the best place to live for a wide range of compelling reasons.

Unbeatable Entertainment

Georgia is such a fantastic place to live because of the way that entertainment has become a part of daily life. Since as far back as 1972, there have been over seven hundred popular films and televisions shows shot across the state – creating a $1.15 billion-dollar contribution to the local economy.

In terms of homebuyers, Georgia also gets to enjoy one luxury that is making people across the country envious: Google Fiber. Google’s fiber optic Internet access service is slowly making its way across the state, with the company recently having revealed pricing and packaging information for new developments.

The Economy is Booming

Businesses are flocking to Georgia, thanks in large part to the combination of low taxes and a high opportunity for growth. Georgia is a state with a progressive income tax structure. Georgia’s personal state income tax system, for example, consists of six brackets. The top rate is 6%, making it the 21st lowest state nationally as far as income tax is concerned.

See It All

Finally, Georgia presents an incredible opportunity in terms of the sheer volume of points-of-interest and other attractions people come from all over to see. The Georgia Aquarium in Downtown Atlanta, for example, was awarded the honor of the largest aquarium on the planet by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010. Georgia is also home to family resorts like Callaway Gardens, the Golden Isles, the Savannah Historic District and so much more.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Georgia is perhaps the best place to live in the country right now. If you’re ready to begin your new life in Georgia and want to make sure that you’ve found the perfect home to match, don’t delay – contact The Debbie Leonard Group today for more information.

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