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What Methods Will You Use To Build Your Dream Home?

What Methods Will You Use To Build Your Dream Home?

We all crave to have a home that meets all our requirements. To create a customized home plan, we must have a discussion with a builder or architect to get an idea of the various methods employed to build a house. Most of the new homes in Newnan, Georgia are framed using the traditional lumber method, though there are various other ways to erect a customized home, which includes using light-gauge steel, masonry, and concrete. The method of house construction has an impact on not only the cost and design of the home but also affects the maintenance and long-term value of the property. The choice of the construction method also plays a part on the energy efficiency of the home. Let’s have a look at the methods used in home construction.

Lumber framing

Wood framing has been the simplest method of building a home. Wooden beams and other wood components are joined together to form the walls, ceiling, roofs and floors. There are many who prefer wood for house construction due to its affordability factor and versatility of design while others prefer it simply because it’s easy to construct. The main con of using wood as a material for house construction is its vulnerability to rot, swell and mold. Also, wood fares poorly when it comes to protecting you from the vagaries of nature.

Steel framing

Constructing a home with light-gauge steel can be beneficial in the long run since steel is durable and doesn’t rot, shrink or swell like wood. Although a steel framework will cost you significantly more than wood, you can expect a better finish with it than wood. Since working with steel requires skilled workers, it is difficult to find one and so it’s relatively less used for residential construction.


Masonry homes are usually built from blocks or stones. Blocks are used as framing material in areas of the house where the wind velocity is too high for steel or wood to withstand. Since blocks or stones are bulky and not affected by wind or storms, they provide adequate strength to the walls as well as superb insulation.


Concrete is probably the most-used building material in the world, but in Newnan, its use is limited as far as building homes using it is concerned. Concrete homes are constructed using pre-cast panels and insulated concrete forms. Concrete homes stand up well to high winds and are durable and long-lasting. Building concrete homes are expensive and require experienced builders to deem them safe.

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