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How to Decorate Each Room In Your Home For a Fresh Feeling

How to Decorate Each Room In Your Home For a Fresh Feeling

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If you’re living in the southeast, you know this winter has been abnormally mild. The cherry blossom trees that usually wait until March to bloom are already showing their petals and the temperature is ripe for open windows and breezy air. It seems that instead of having two separate seasons, winter and spring, we’re just going to have an extra-long spring into summer, and that’s okay by us!

So, to take full advantage of this enjoyable weather, let’s consider ways to decorate each room of your home to allow for maximum fresh, breezy feelings until the next “winter” rolls around!

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The Kitchen

Let’s start with a room that will be enjoyed by almost everyone who walks through your front door: the kitchen. All of Sunrise Builders floor plans were designed to allow maximum light into the kitchen, and that’s our first great tip. You want to allow as much sunlight as possible into your kitchen to make it feel larger, breezier, and more open. If you have the ability to open windows while you’re occupying the space, even better!

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The Living Room

Arguably your largest room to take advantage of, make use of this space by furnishing it with natural textures and fibers. Colors like tan, beige, white, soft greens and blues, and even yellows can induce a feeling of calmness and clarity. Use these in your lampshades, rugs, sofa, and accent pieces to invoke peacefulness. Bringing natural elements in will make you feel like you’re outside enjoying the fresh air.

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The Bedroom

We spend a third of our life sleeping so we owe it to ourselves to have an oasis to rest and tune out the rest of our responsibilities! Freshen up your bedroom this winter/spring by investing in fresh linens and bright drapes. This instantly offers a sense of sunshine and calm to your space. We also suggest using aroma in the bedroom to enhance its fresh feeling. A simple DIY lavender linen spray will make all the difference to your senses when you’re slipping into bed after a long day. Aromatherapy anyone?

The Bathroom 

Occasionally houses are built without windows. If you’re lucky enough to have one, that’s great! You’re already a step ahead in making the room feel bright and free. If not, no worries! There’s an easy remedy for a less-than-bright room. Decorate your linens, towels, and décor with greens and blues to create an oceanic feel. Highlight the color of your bathmats and towels with plants, whether real or fake. Adding plants to a bathroom can immediately freshen up space because we’re not quite used to seeing this look in public bathrooms, aka (typically) the only other restrooms we see.

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The Garage

Seemingly one of the more challenging rooms to make fresh, it can be a breeze to do if you have the right advice! You can make your garage feel light and fresh with a bit of organization, fresh coat of paint, and some nice hanging plants. Build easy DIY shelves on the back wall of your garage and paint them white to organize everything that once didn’t have a place to go. Then add plants to the shelves to create a fresh-feeling oasis in the dingiest part of your home. Adding live plants has an added bonus of circulating the air and producing a much healthier air quality than you’d normally have in this part of your home.

It might take some time to organize all rooms of your home to create a fresh, breezy feel that will last all year long, but we hope that by providing these tips early on, you’ll have a head start. Begin one room at a time and feel your home open up and become a fresh palace to relax in.

When you’re ready to build your home, or improve your existing home, call us at Sunrise Builders for a consultation and let’s get your living in the fresh home of your dreams!

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